Stop The Overdoses

It's Time to 
Stop the Overdoses

"All people are good deep down inside, 
and all people are equal under the law"


Suboxone can stop heroin overdoses

A new medication called Suboxone allows people to immediately quit heroin without experiencing the awful withdrawal symptoms

We are filing a federal lawsuit to 

legalize Suboxone and create No Diagnosis Rehab

Under existing law, if a person can get a Suboxone prescription he may also be required to enter expensive counseling, get various psyche diagnoses and expensive additional medications. This sort of profiteering at a time when thousands of people are overdosing is outrageous. This is why we are filing the Suboxone lawsuit, to have that law deemed unconstitutional so anyone can get Suboxone without a prescription and that a No Diagnosis Rehab is created. This will stop many of the heroin overdoses and will save lives. 
This lawsuit is asking for "No Diagnosis Rehab" to be created
One of the reasons people with addictions may avoid rehab is due to the confusing psyche diagnoses that can be given out. Under existing law, a person who enters into rehab can be given any kind of confusing psyche diagnosis. The lawsuit we are filing is designed to change that, so no one gets a psyche diagnosis if he enters rehab. The lawsuit is asking the court to order a new form of drug rehab called No Diagnosis Rehab (NDR) which does not give anyone psychiatric diagnoses. They will only write down "Drug Withdrawal" or "Substance abuse" nothing else. A lot of people in the music industry like this idea a lot. 

Rock musician Scott Weiland
Scott Weiland, lead singer of Velvet Revolver, struggled with addiction and was in numerous rehabs which did not work. In 2015 Scott overdosed and died. HIs passing at such a young age not only harmed his family and friends, but millions of fans around the world. If Scott could have easily gotten Suboxone or gone into a more simplified No Diagnosis Rehab (NDR), Scott would probably be alive today. We would see Scott playing excellent music, inspiring people, writing cool new songs again, and more. In Scott's memory, let's change the system so it works. This federal lawsuit is being filed to make those changes, so lives are saved. 
The overdose death of singer Scott Weiland proves 
the rehab system we have today doesn't work. 
Too hard to get Suboxone, too many confusing psyche diagnoses. 
This lawsuit demands this be corrected. It's time to save lives.

Here's a music video Scott Weiland made with the band Velvet Revolver in 2004 about his struggles with substance abuse and rehab. Sadly, Scott died of an overdose in 2015, which shows the rehab system needs to be overhauled. 

This federal lawsuit is going to begin that overhaul 
and it won't be hard. It just requires donations. 

If Suboxone were legalized, hundreds of thousands of heroin users could quickly quit heroin. Taking the much safer Suboxone neutralizes all the withdrawals. Our families won't have to worry about losing a loved one to a heroin overdose. This lawsuit will seek to make Suboxone legal and mandate No Diagnosis Rehab (NDR) so a lot more young people can be helped.
When a loved one dies of an overdose it 
harms family, friends, coworkers.., everyone.
It is time to Stop the Overdoses 

You can donate to the lawsuit. You will get a good feeling 
knowing YOU helped make these good changes by donating 
to the lawsuit with Paypal to


Suboxone is a lifesaver 


In honor of Scott Weiland, let us all move 
with love in our hearts and say;

"Every life is sacred and special, 
it's time to save lives"

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